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Should I send a donation?

Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. They typically cover:

- transportation to and from your visit
- resources provided to you
- time that your advisor spends at your home
- opportunities for others to benefit from the program



Well Aware is a
2009 National Winner!

The annual FCM–CH2M HILL Sustainable Community Awards celebrate excellence in sustainable community development by highlighting the best municipal initiatives that link environmental, social and economic goals.

The award cites seven municipalities for their participation in Well Aware: Kingston, Thunder Bay, Loyalist Township, Wellington North Township, Bruce County, Town of Wasaga Beach, and Oxford County.

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Homeowner was extremely impressed with the program, has strongly recommended it to his neighbours. Is planning on getting a well contractor to give an estimate on an upgrade.

Project Manager
Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative
Delivering Well Aware in Kingston area
for 4 years

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About the Well Aware

What does voluntary mean?

Voluntary means that you reach out to Well Aware and invite us to your home. 

What does confidential mean?

Your information is not shared with: neighbours, health unit, contractors, inspectors or any government officials.  What is discussed between you and the advisor stays with you and the advisor.

It is up to you to share your experience with your friends, family and neighbours.

The data collected is used to produce aggregated information that spans the province.

What does non-regulatory mean?

Well Aware will not, and cannot, make you to take action on your well. 

Are you trying to sell me something?

Well Aware provides information, resources and refer you to many reliable companies in your area.